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Urban-PLUMBER: A multi-site model evaluation project for urban areas

Project by: Mathew Lipson (UNSW), Sue Grimmond (Reading), Martin Best (Met Office)
Timing: Jan 2020Dec 2023
Category: Flux towers, Observations, Modelling, Urban data
Funded by: Community-based project

WUDAPT: The World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools

Project by: Dr. Jason Ching & many others
Timing: Jan 2012Jan 2033
Category: Methods, Urban climate informatics, Land cover mapping, Remote Sensing
Funded by: Community-based project

ENLIGHT: Enabling the analysis of global urban heat

Project by: Benjamin Bechtel, Matthias Demuzere, Panagiotis Sismanidis, Jonas Kittner, Daniel Fenner
Timing: Apr 2020Sep 2023
Category: Urban data, Methods, Observations, Crowdsourcing, Remote Sensing, Modelling
Funded by: German Research Foundation (DFG)
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