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IAUC Webinar series

#1 – 10/2020: Observing and Modelling the Urban Boundary Layer

This webinar features the IAUC’s Luke Howard award winners, Professor Janet Barlow (2019 winner) and Dr. Alberto Martilli (2020 winner). NOTE: Unfortunately, the beginning of this recording is missing due to some technical difficulties.
Speakers: Dr Janet Barlow (University of Reading, UK), Dr Alberto Martilli (Environmental Department, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain)

#2 – 12/2020: Extreme Urban Heat

This webinar hosts the 2020 Timothy Oke Award winners, Dr Chao Ren and Dr Scott Krayenhoff, discussing measurements and modeling efforts focused on extreme urban heat assessments.
Speakers: Dr Chao Ren (University of Hong Kong), Dr Scott Krayenhoff (Guelph University, Canada)

#3 – 02/2021: History, role, and directions of modern Urban Climate Research

These are challenging times in which we live, both in terms of critical scientific questions to be resolved in urban climate, and in relation to the difficult global environment in which we currently operate. In these presentations, we plan to stimulate discussion by providing some reflections on the history, role, and responsibilities of the urban climatology community along with developing opportunities.
Speakers: Dr Gerald Mills (University College Dublin, Ireland), Dr Nigel Tapper (Monash University, Australia)

#4 – 05/2021: Local Climate Zones

The history and future direction of the Local climate zones (LCZ) classification system for urban climate research.
Speakers: Dr Iain Stewart (University of Toronto, Canada), Dr Matthias Demuzere (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)

IAUC Virtual Poster Conference 2022 – Early career sessions

#1: Preparing Research Funding and Fellowship Proposals

Urban climate is an interdisciplinary scientific field with topics that span the theoretical and abstract science to applied, use-inspired research. As such, sources of funding and support for research can come from a disparate array of sources. Join us as researchers discuss their experiences in searching, finding, applying, and receiving grant support for urban climate research across the globe.
Speakers: Dr Csilla Gál (Dalarna University, Sweden), Dr Marialena Nikolopoulou (University of Kent, UK), Dr Chao Ren (University of Hong Kong, China)

#2: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Urban Climate Research Community

As climate justice becomes more and more prominent, a question we must ask as a community is how do we encourage and support under-represented minority individuals as they pursue careers in urban climate? Panellists will discuss their experiences of navigating the urban climate scientific landscape and share means of encouraging future generations of urban climate researchers with a diversity of experiences and backgrounds.
Speakers: Dr Ifeoluwa Balogun (Federal University of Technology, Nigeria), Dr Tania Sharmin (Cardiff University, UK), Dr Marshall Shepherd (University of Georgia, USA)

#3: Preparing CV for Various Industries in Urban Climate

While every person’s experience and strengths are unique, there are methods for structuring CVs for academic, government, and private industry/consulting that accentuate your skills. Hear from researchers about what they include or look for in CVs for these three sectors that support urban climate research.
Speakers: Dr Charmaine Franklin (Australia Bureau of Meteorology, Australia), Dr Leena Järvi (University of Helsinki, Finland), Dr Matthias Roth (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

IAUC Virtual Poster Conference 2022 – Keynotes

#1: Urban climate justice – interdisciplinary solutions for equitable outcomes

Climate justice seeks to investigate and protect at-risk populations who are disproportionately affected by climate change. The concentration of people, assets and infrastructure mean that cities are vulnerable to climate justice inequities. Further, climate change is likely to exacerbate existing social vulnerabilities. This keynote session will discuss risks associated with urban climate challenges and multidisciplinary approaches to addressing urban climate justice.
Speakers: Dr Negin Nazarian (University of New South Wales, Australia), Dr Chandni Singh (Indian Institute for Human Settlements, India), Dr Gina Ziervogel (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

#2: Heat health in the built environment

Extreme temperatures cause more deaths than any other extreme weather event. The excess heat in cities, as well as the larger concentration of people and economic activities, make the urban population particularly vulnerable to health risks due to heat. This keynote panel will engage experts in heat health analyses and discuss future pathways for adaptation and mitigation of this grave concern.
Speakers: Dr Clare Heaviside (University College London, United Kingdom), Prof. Jason Lee (National University of Singapore, Singapore), A/Prof Fredrik Lindberg (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

#3: Urban Climate Informatics – An emerging direction in urban climate research

Urban climate informatics is an evolving research field that takes advantage of four technological trends to answer contemporary climate challenges in cities: advances in sensors, improved digital infrastructure (e.g., cloud computing), novel data sources (e.g., crowdsourced, or big data), and leading edge analytical algorithms and platforms (e.g., machine learning, deep learning). This keynote session will discuss the emerging trends in UCI and directions in addressing urban climate challenges using novel modelling analytics.
Speakers: Dr Ariane Middel (Arizona State University, United States), Dr Zhonghua Zheng (National Center for Atmospheric Research, United States)

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