The IAUC offers financial support for events or activities that align with the stated interests of the IAUC and its membership, and that involve IAUC members

General principles

  • Sponsorship support of relevant urban climate related events/activities is an appropriate use of IAUC funds.
  • To attract funding support from the IAUC, the event/activity must align with the stated interests of the IAUC and its membership (see for example the About Us page) and involve multiple members of the IAUC.
  • Funding can only be provided to an academic/research institution or registered non-profit organisation. Applications for funding cannot come from commercial organisations or private persons.
  • To attract financial support from the IAUC the proposal must be forwarded to the IAUC Executive by a Member of the IAUC. Requests can be submitted at any time, but should normally be received at least 3 months before the proposed event/activity.
  • In line with general rules of expenditure for the IAUC small sponsorships up to the value of 500 EUR can be approved by the IAUC Executive. Sponsorship above that level of funding must be approved through the Board.
  • The maximum amount of sponsorship funding for any one event will be 2500 EUR with total sponsorship funding in any calendar year for all events/activities to be 10,000 EUR.
  • The financial ability of IAUC to provide sponsorship will be reviewed from time-to-time and at least annually, with any restrictions/adjustments applied as necessary.
  • The above rules do not apply for events/activities organised by the IAUC itself, which in any event would be discussed by the IAUC Board.

Additional information

The proposal should be directed to the IAUC Treasurer with a cc to the IAUC President. The proposal would normally be 1-2 pages, providing details of when and where the activity will take place, how the activity aligns with the interests of the IAUC, why the funding is needed (rather than just desired), how much funding is being requested from IAUC, and how the IAUC funds will facilitate the activity. Information should also be provided on the involvement, or likely involvement of IAUC members or potential members (e.g. in the case of summer schools or workshops) and how the IAUC will be acknowledged at the event and in any outcomes/outputs. A summary budget should be provided indicating a breakdown of how IAUC funds will be used. Bank transfer details should be provided in the application.

A short report, including information on attendance at the activity, key outcomes from the activity, and how the IAUC funds were acquitted should be sent to the IAUC Treasurer within 6 weeks of the completion of the sponsored event.

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